• Menu Planning
  • Curating Recipes
  • Costing sheet of each recipes
  • Food Trials
  • Training of staff for menu
  • Presentation of each dish

  • Planning the list of preparation-related equipment
  • Its layout to ease and manage efficient workflow
  • Planning the list of preparation-related utensils
  • Planning the list of operation-related materials & Inventory.

A kitchen is nothing without a well planned layout workflow,equipments should be compatible with menu. Even the best chefs will find themselves helpless if kitchen isn't equipped well. We guide you with proper cheklist saving extra cost,ROI under control.

Sourcing vendors for raw materials, semi furnished products, equipment’s and software for billing accounting etc. Hiring the best possible vendors for smooth functioning of the cloud kitchen in a cost affective manner.

  • Vendors for raw materials
  • Vendors for semi-finished products
  • Vendors for equipment
  • Vendors for grocery perishable
  • Required software (accounting, billing)

Through our sister company HIRECOOKS.COM we help our clients with their staffing requirements of Head chefs,Exe chefs,Sous Chefs,Commis Chefs,helpers,delivery partners etc.

HIRECOOKS.COM can help with the staffing requirements for the cloud kitchen. Hiring of best possible chefs so that there is no compromise on the quality of food that is being served to the customers. Getting on board reliable delivery partners and helpers to sort out the delivery part of the business.

Firefighting equipment’s should be sourced from a trusted source because if these equipment’s are not upto the mark it can result in relocation or shutdown of the cloud kitchen by the authorities. We help our clients with sourcing of their fire fighting equipment vendors which is one of the most important part before starting a cloud kitchen or a restaurant.

The consultant trains the staff for grooming and hygine as per industry standards. kitchen hygine is monitered towards cleanliness which is required to maintain as per FSSAI regulations.

We assist in making connections with service providers who will supply the FSSAI Gumasta licence at the most affordable price. We can help you set up a kitchen for catering, bakery, Fast food,Regional Indian,Oriental,Asian Kitchen,Continental,Western Food etc. By putting your business on Zomato & Swiggy, we can help you go digital.We provide kitchen's even for the photoshoots, we can also build / setup kitchens.

Commercials for the above-mentioned project shall be charged at Rs. ** only. All the charges mentioned above are fees for consultancy and do not include government fees or fees for any legal process needed for acquiring any documents from the local authorities. Other terms and conditions will be discussed later according to the scope of work allotted to us.

  • 40% of total fees agreed on confirmation
  • 30% during the work in progress
  • Balance 30%% on the day the outlet starts operations.
Note: Only for consultations fees.